Information on the actual room we will be meeting in at the Museum of Natural History

will be posted here before the meeting.   Check back here!


April Competitions:

The subject for both Photo and Video Mini-Comps is:  "Octopus".  Please see our new submission instructions.  

Video entries may also be brought on thumb drive*** to the meeting, or you send them via email (, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or other method.

***If you are entering a video that you are bringing in on a thumb drive, you must declare your intended entry by Monday midnight, so we will know whether we are able to have both open and novice competitions or a single combined category.



Congratulations !!


Stills ("Worms"):

See the Winning Photos in the new 2016 photo Gallery!

1st Place Open –  Fletcher Forbes
2nd Place Open – Kevin Lee
3rd Place Open –  Cameron Azad

Video ("Worms"):

See the Winning images in the new 2016 Video Gallery!

1st Place  – Dwight Crumb
2nd Place -  Dwight Crumb
3rd Place -   Vickie Elson

1st Place Novice –  John Forbes
2nd Place Novice – Janett Crumb
3rd Place Novice –  Janett Crumb


 1st Place Open: Fletcher Forbes

"Bobbit Worm"