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Stills ("Eggs"):

1st Place Open – Cameron Azad
2nd Place Open – Tony Frank
3rd Place Open – Kelly Bracken
1st Place Novice – Richard Todd
2nd Place Novice – Richard Todd
3rd Place Novice – Tabby Stone

5-Minute Edited Video:

1st Place – John Forbes, "Sharks from Around the World"
2nd Place - Dana Rodda, "Cute Little Critters from Catalina"
3rd Place - Vickie Elson, "Creepy Crawlers and Other Critters"

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1st Place: Cameron Azad

Please join us on 7:30pm Wednesday, November 18, at the Natural History Museum (exact location TBD).

Karl Huggins will be presenting: "Beyond the Models: Factors Dive Computers Do Not Consider"

In the over thirty years since their introduction, commercially viable dive computers have gone from being the tools of professional and experienced divers to being worn by basic divers on their first check-out dives. All divers should have, at the very least, a rudimentary knowledge of how dive computers work, their limitations, and the diversity of models in use. It will examine what factors do dive computers take into consideration when calculating their decompression status and what factor do they not. Results from studies examining the reaction of various dive computers to profiles, which had been tested with human subjects, will be discussed along with studies that looked at factors that influence decompression risk and safety recommendations for dive computer (and table) use.

Karl Huggins has been the Director of the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber Facility at the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center since 1992 and has been involved with the treatment of hundreds of divers during that time. He started diving in 1977 and has been a NAUI Instructor since 1980. He is noted for his work in decompression theory and models, which resulted in the Michigan Sea Grant (HUGI) tables and his participation in the development of the EDGE dive computer. Karl enjoys educating divers in the area of decompression (making divers more aware of the limitations of dive tables and computers) and diving safety. To that end he has given hundreds of lectures, seminars, and workshops as a featured speaker at conferences around the world. He has authored many articles and publications on decompression theory including "The Dynamics of Decompression Workbook," and contributing to "Dive Computers - A Consumer's Guide to History, Theory, and Performance" and “Women and Pressure – Diving and Altitude.” In 2011 he co-moderated the Validation of Dive Computers Workshop at the annual meeting of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society in Gdansk. Karl is the 1990 recipient of the Leonard Greenstone Diving Safety Award, the DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year for 1993, the 2004 Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award for Scientific Diving Leadership and the 2008 California Scuba Service Award.

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