February 2015 Minicomp Winners
Topic: "Pretty"

1st Place Open - Fletcher Forbes
2nd Place Open - Dana Rodda
3rd Place Open - Bill Van Antwerp
1st Place Novice - Richard Todd
2nd Place Novice - Richard Todd
3rd Place Novice - Dwight Crumb

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1st Place Open - Nannette Van Antwerp
2nd Place Open - Nannette Van Antwerp
3rd Place Open - Dwight Crumb
1st Place Novice - Vickie Elson
2nd Place Novice - Dana Rodda
3rd Place Novice - Dana Rodda

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1st Place: Fletcher Forbes

Meeting Announcements

We also had an excellent presentation by Jack Connick of Optical Ocean Sales - make sure you check out their Resource Center for articles and handbooks, including the one that he presented last night on shooting close focus wide angle.

Leslie Harris also gave us a preview of a very cool crustacean ID book. The electronic version has all kinds of neat features; you can download it from the iTunes store if you have a Mac, or purchase a Windows version from their Facebook page.

There will be NO MEETING IN MARCH, but that just gives you extra time to prepare your minicomp entries for April, when the topic will be "Ugly." Go ahead and submit your entries anytime between now and then!

Our first meeting of 2015 is at 7:30pm Wednesday, February 18.  We are in a NEW ROOM at the Natural History Museum, so please read carefully the directions below!

Our first speaker of the year is Jack Connick, the owner of Optical Ocean Sales in Seattle. Jack is a great guy and will be showing us some cool stuff from Raja Ampat as well as a bit about how you video guys can actually use a still camera to take video and he is bringing some toys as well.

We will also be treated to a short trip report from Chris Askew about his recent visit to Iceland!

FEBRUARY Minicomp: "Pretty"

Please submit minicomp entries using the upload form by 11:59pm Tuesday, February 17.

Video entries may be brought on thumb drive to the meeting, or you can arrange with the webmaster to send them via email, Dropbox, or other method.


The map below shows the route from the car park to the new staff entrance.  To get to the classroom:
- Members should park at the bottom of the ramp leading to our below ground level of the car park.
- There is a green wall at the bottom of the ramp.  On the right side of the wall is a door.  Go through the door.  The outside area of our cafeteria will be on the right.
- Continue straight ahead. Walk by the glass entrance pavilion on the ground level, and turn right at the far edge of the pavilion.  There is a ground level door going into the museum. Go in.
- The hallway has 2 elevators on the left.  Take either one to the 2nd floor.
- Turn right after you get out of the elevator.
- Turn right at the T-intersection.  The Dino lab is on the left.
- Go through the double doors into the Education department and walk straight ahead.
- The door to the Education Classroom will be on your left.

new museum entrance