View all the winners: June 2013 Minicomp Gallery - "Schools"

1st Place - Fletcher Forbes
2nd Place - Kevin Lee
3rd Place - Bill Van Antwerp, Jeff Laity

1st Place - Nannette Van Antwerp
2nd Place - Nannette Van Antwerp
3rd Place - Walter Bassi

1st Place - Anastasia Laity
2nd Place - Nannette Van Antwerp
3rd Place - Nannette Van Antwerp


1st Place June Minicomp: Fletcher Forbes

First, my apologies to folks whose images suffered from cropping when projected last night - I was able to spend a little quality time with my laptop and the projector after the meeting, and hopefully we won't have that issue again. Thanks for your patience!

On to last night's winners:

May 2013 Portfolio (Stills)
1st Place Open - Kevin Lee
2nd Place Open - Kelly Bracken
3rd Place Open - Fletcher Forbes
1st Place Novice - Phil Garner
2nd Place Novice - Walter Bassi
3rd Place Novice - Vickie Elson

Video Minicomp: "Air Breathers"
1st Place - Walter Marti
2nd Place - Walter Marti
3rd Place - Anastasia Laity

1st Place May Portfolio: Kevin Lee