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Club Competitons & Rules

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Points from the minicomps, edited video, and portfolio competitions will count towards overall award placements at the end of the year. The shootout will remain a separate award category but will also count toward your overall point total.

Monthly Minicomps

At each LAUPS meeting, we hold themed "minicomps" for attending members to vote on.

2015 Minicomp Topics:

Month Stills Video
February Pretty Pretty
April Ugly Ugly
May no minicomp (portfolio contest) no minicomp (3 Minute Edited Video)
July Macro Macro
August Wide Angle Wide Angle
September NO MEETING
October 2016 Calendar Cleaning
November Eggs 5-minute Edited Video

Point Structure for Mini Competitions:

Minicomp Entry Guidelines:

Portfolio Competition:

Once a year in May, LAUPS has a still image portfolio competition.

Portfolio Entry Guidelines:

Point Structure for Portfolio:

Edited Video

In May there is a three (3) minute edited video competition, and in November there is a five (5) minute edited video competition.

Edited Video Entry Guidelines:

Point Structure for Edited Video Competitions:

Dave Nesheim Memorial Shootout

We're opening up the whole month of September for our members to take pictures that can be entered in the Shootout competition, to be voted on at the October meeting.

Shootout Entry Guidelines:

Point Structure for Shootout:

Entry Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your entries via email to following these guidelines
  • Still image file formats: JPEG is greatly preferred due to file size issues. TIFF and other open standard file types are acceptable. Raw files are strongly discouraged and may not display at all.

    Still image size: Please size your photos to be 1440 pixels wide and 1050 high, adding black padding as necessary. This will help avoid problems with cropping.

    Video file formats: entries should be submitted as Quicktime movies. Click here to see our recommended settings for exporting your movie to Quicktime.

    Projection: Our projector is a Canon SX5O.Our display software obeys color profiles. Our projector has an Adobe RGB profile, and we calibrate to that, so we consider that the ideal profile for your files.

    Competition Rules and Guidelines

    General Rules:

    Open and Novice Categories:

    Members start out in the Novice division and move up to the Open division the next year if their total accumulated points for the year are 25 or higher.

    Members may move up to open voluntarily. Members competing as open can never drop back to novice.

    If there is an insufficient number of entrants in the Novice or Open divisions, the divisions may be combined for the competition.

    Eligibility of Images:

    Conservation Rules:

    Marine life should never be stressed or endangered for the sake of a photo. Entries exhibiting the following behavior will be disqualified.

    Digital Image Manipulation Rules:


    Any member may challenge an image by notifying a Board member with in 48 hours of the competition. The Board of Directors will take up the challenge at the next Board meeting, If the Board finds cause, the owner of the challenged image will have an opportunity to either present all necessary evidence at the Board meeting or to withdraw the image. If an Image is withdrawn, the member will lose points for that image. If the Board disqualifies the image, the member will lose all points accumulated in all competitions for that calendar year and will be barred from any further competition for that calendar year.