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50 years of LAUPS - Anniversary Party 8/25!

The Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society is celebrating our golden anniversary on Saturday, August 25th. Past and present members, and interested visitors, are invited to help us celebrate with dinner at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

Bring stories to share, old (and new!) camera rigs to show off, and any photos for show and tell.

6-10 PM
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
3720 Stephen M White Drive
San Pedro, CA

$40 includes Polynesian BBQ, beer, wine, and soft drinks
RSVP to Bobbi Flusser at 310-838-9745 or 213-629-5565

click here for flyer

Fifty years ago a collection of recreational and commercial divers with a mutual interest in underwater photography got together and formed a dive club. Rather than call it a “club,” they named it a “society.” And thus, on September 1, 1957, the Underwater Photographic Society was born in Los Angeles. With only a handful of charter members and the backing of Skin Diver Magazine and the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Underwater Section, the UPS put together its first underwater film festival by December of that year. The tradition was to continue for many years and was augmented by an international underwater photographic competition.

Most of the early underwater photographers used home-made housings for land still and movie cameras. Other than the Rolleimarin housing, there just wasn’t much commercially available, so it was out to the garage to fashion a housing from wood, plastic or metal. One member made his camera housing out of his mother’s pressure cooker. Another started a small business supplying assemble-yourself housing kits. The club logo, designed by early member Bob Figueroa, reflects the nuts and bolts approach. A lot of cameras got flooded in those days. Remember, this was before the Nikonos or even its predecessor the Calypso were available.

Among the founders and first directors of the UPS was Zale Parry. Some may remember her from the Sea Hunt television series. She was the perennial “damsel in distress” who was saved from innumerable underwater perils by Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson. Zale is still an active diver and looking forward to trying out her new dry suit while diving in Alaska.

Many affiliated and independent underwater photographic societies have been formed across the land and around the world during the last 50 years. The original organizing chapter is now known as the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society, or LAUPS for short. Close to 1500 individuals have become LAUPS members since 1957. Among them were such notables as Mel Fisher, Ron Church, Stan Waterman and Al Giddings. Jacques Cousteau was an honorary member and Underwater Photographer of the Year in 1957.

Membership in the LAUPS is open to anyone with an interest in underwater photography. Monthly meetings provide a great learning environment with speakers, workshops, and competitions. Beginners can ask questions of the more experienced about equipment, techniques and locales for best results. Local boat charter dive trips are scheduled several times a year, and ad hoc trips to exotic sites are always being put together.

Annually, the master event is the distinguished International Underwater Photographic Competition. This is the oldest and one of the largest competitions of its kind with worldwide participation and fabulous prizes. In recent years, entries from as many as 19 countries and 26 states have been received. Details of this year’s (45th annual) competition can be found on the website

A grand 50th birthday party is in the works for Saturday, August 25, at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, and the club would like to see as many former members and interested guests attend as can make it. A sharing of experiences from long ago would provide great entertainment. Only a few early members have been located, most of whom say they’ll come to the party. So if you know any we haven’t found, ask them to contact us! And if you’re interested in attending yourself, please RSVP to Bobbi Flusser at 310-838-9745 or 213-629-5565


Taking Care of Your Video Equipment So It Takes Care of You: Part 1

Tips from Light and Motion:

Taking Care of Your Video Equipment So It Takes Care of You


Dive Photo Guide's report from the Long Beach Scuba Show

Here's a report from the Long Beach Scuba Show from our friends at Dive Photo Guide:

SCUBA Show 2007 Makes a Splash in Long Beach

Congrats to LAUPS members Bonnie Zaleski and Roger Carlson who placed in the Under the Blue photo competition sponsored by the Scuba Show, Wetpixel, and Dive Photo Guide!


Deadline August 15th!

The San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition (UFEX) had its debut in 2000 with a night of underwater digital films presented at the Otto Center of the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park.

Initiated in response to the need for a local venue to showcase some of the best of the underwater video creations of area divers, the first San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition was organized by a small group of people who had been meeting regularly to share information on shooting and editing underwater video.

That first year was a rousing success, and laid the groundwork for an approach to presenting underwater digital video in San Diego that emphasizes the enjoyment and appreciation of underwater images. That approach includes affordable tickets, no prizes except the fun of sharing one's film with a receptive audience, and an independent film selection process that has included judges who are among the top in the field of underwater imaging. It's a labor of love by all involved!

We're now in our eighth year of putting on the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, and looking forward to our best year yet. We hope you'll join us on Friday and Saturday, October 12th and 13th, 2007 for the 8th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition at Qualcomm Hall's beautiful state-of-the-art digital projection theater.

for more info:

The 8th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition


Thorfinn removed from reef, refloated

The Thorfinn, a Truk livaboard, ran aground on a reef while refueling in Pohnpei. After 37 days on the reef, it has been refloated.

Thorfinn refloated, moored in safe harbor at Pohnpei


Review of LED-display notebooks

The next generation of notebooks will have LED displays, rather than florescent. They'll offer more battery life, and are made with less toxic chemicals. But how do they look? here's a first review of an LED screen in a mac notebook, from Rob Galbraith:

Evaluating the MacBook Pro 15 inch LED-backlit display


Norbert Wu's Blog

Professional photographer has started a blog. Sor far his interesting posts include his experiences with insurance, and travelling with coolers as luggage. Check it out at:

Friday, July 20, 2007


July Minicomp Winners Posted

Winners from July's minicomp ("Wrecks") have been added to the LAUPS Gallery:

July 2007 Minicomp: Wrecks

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Speaker this month is Scott Geitler!

Our speaker this month is Scott Geitler. One of our club members, he's made many trips to Bali, and unlike the organized group trips most of us typically take, Scott plans his own trips and diving. He's spent a lot of time in this fantastic area. He'll be talking about Dive Operators, Critters, and Dive Sites

Scott has been enjoying diving and underwater photography for a little over 3 years now. He's squeezed in over 500 dives, mostly in southern California but also in Costa Rica, Fiji, Thailand, Turks & Caicos and Mexico. Bali remains his favorite place for diving, since its where he met his wife Penny, and its where they spent their honeymoon, diving of course. Scott used to shoot with a trusty old Fuji F10, but has recently upgraded to a Nikon D80 in a Sea-n-Sea housing.

Scott also beach dives a lot here in southern California, and has taken the best photos I've ever seen taken at Veteran's park in Redondo Beach, a fun local dive that Scott makes look like Lembeh Straight.

Also at this meeting: Minicomp theme is "Wrecks". Please name your files for entry as follows:

0707_open_your-title_your-name.jpeg for open entries
0707_novice_your-title_your-name.jpeg for open entries


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Club Meeting July 18th, 7:30PM

The next club meeting is Wednesday, July 18th, 7:30PM, at the Natural History Museum.

The mini-comp is wrecks, which should bring in a great group of photos!

Hope to see everyone there!

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